Starting in the temple of our heart

Praise him with the clash of cymbals! 
Psalm 150



When our worship (gaze) is pointing in the right direction, we are released to create supernaturally in authenticity and power!
We are a community that creates, commissions, and advances these prophetic works.

Join others on the path to discover, uncover, and recover every good and perfect gift


"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." A.W. Tozer
Everyone is worshiping, all the time. What is it we are worshiping?


Jesus taught his followers to abide, and the Psalms instruct us to desire, dwell, and delight in God's Presence, for our joy and benefit. Beholding Jesus is the true source of power and inspiration for life and all creative pursuits. We awaken spiritual practices to launch our creative practice.

||:    Abide with Jesus   :||
||:    Encourage others to abide with Jesus personally   :||
||:    Invite a collective to abide with Jesus together   :||
||:    Help the collective understand identity, gifts, dreams, and purpose in the light of Jesus   :||
||:    Make cool stuff from a posture of worship (as individuals and as the collective)   :||
||:    Minister to the LORD with what he has given, no matter the location, venue, genre, or medium   :||
||:    Let the LORD bring the fruit   :||


Wherever you are in your journey or career, we have guided conversations to design a healthy, authentic life for the long-term. We talk about Identity, Gifts (Skills), Emotions, Values, Rhythms, and Efforts, with a goal to produce leaders who worship, advancing creative works.


Who are you?
Who are you created to be?
What do you spend most of your time doing?
What's your story, your dreams, your calling?


What have you been given?
How do your skills match-up with your dreams?
What fruit are you seeing?
What tools need sharpened?


What are your strongest emotions and natural behaviors?
Where are your affections and desires?
What negative scripts are you writing over yourself and your dreams?


What is important to you?
Let's talk about your ideals and beliefs. Sometimes living your priorities means choosing what not to do.
Let's design a life of integrity and authenticity!


We all need sustainable loops for our spirit, life, and creative work.
Do you have plans and patterns developed to live your values?
How do you listen and speak to God?
What are your spiritual disciplines?
Do you have a navigation map for your life?


What is needed for healthy creative practice? What tactics are needed to reach our goals? What relationships and collaborations are needed per project?
How do we work admirably and authentically (Colossians 3:23)?
What is needed to advance your authentic creative works?

Leaving creatives better than we found THem


Bassist, Seattle
I often find myself telling people, “You should talk to Kris.”

Whether it’s a musician, entrepreneur, graphic designer, or leader of people—his insights, systematic thought process, ability to give practical tools or talk through a problem—I always walk away encouraged knowing the next step to take.


Pastor, Anchorage
I had the great fortune to have Kris guide me during a restart of our church plant. I’ve had coaches in the past, but Kris surpassed my expectations every session.

I’m gaining the breadth of his organizational experience, executive development tools, creative mind, unique spiritual gifts and insight. As a result of his influence I’m gaining confidence and spiritual depth in my leadership.

I recommend Kris, without hesitation, for anyone looking to grow themselves and their influence in any creative endeavor.


Worship Pastor, CA
I love hearing Kris speak! He is the perfect amount of intense and silly, always incredibly thoughtful and articulate, grabbing the heart of his audience.

Whether speaking to a group or one-on-one, Kris is intentional, caring and authentic. Creating Culture is at the heart of every conversation, and I know each word is coming from a place of experience, depth, and purpose.


Artist, Seattle
Kris is an incredible leader. He knows how to take a dream or idea and turn it into reality. He can cast a vision, outline what needs to happen every step of the way, then find the right leaders and team to accomplish the task. He is purposeful in how he spends his time and every word he speaks has been thought about—full of wisdom and experience.
Kris is driven, creative, and loyal.


Photographer, WA
Measured, to the point, thoughtful. Ultimately Kris has proven that he cares about my personal growth. With that trust established I am able to hear the wisdom he has and connect it to action.

While I've had a handful of leaders in life, Kris stands out as particularly genuine, caring and insightful. He actually got to know me before giving advice, and when giving critical feedback, it had an actual impact on my behavior. There are conversations we had years ago that I still go back to and learn from. For that, I am grateful for his depth in thought, attention to detail and true care.

Kris Rosentrater

Founder, President
"One day in your presence is better than 1000 anywhere else." This is my defining verse, and I can't stop wondering what is possible for individuals, organizations, and movements who make it their intent.

Drawing on stories as a drummer, band member, engineer, producer, and most recently, as an executive culture-builder at a beautiful Seattle coffee brand, I feel destined to find, guide, empower, and inspire others to design and declare the dreams they want to live in.

I know it starts with naming what we worship and where our identity lies. This affects our behaviors, process, and creative practice.

My chapters in faith, arts, and business refined a unique ability to relate to introverts and extroverts, left and right brains, designers and accountants, musicians and project managers, the "sacred" and the "secular". I love asking "what if?" questions to get us to  think, process, and talk about the way [creative] human spirits in a material world experience, create, and engage culture, and what that means for leaders, movements, brands, and businesses. —Kris