CLASH CREATIVE exists for creative works to be released into cultures, to declare and display the wonder of Jesus Christ. We are growing a community that creates, commissions, and advances these prophetic works.

Do you have a dream gap?

Most of us do, especially if you are a musician or an artist. But all of us are built to dream of a future that is better, more fulfilling, and at least a few steps closer to the ideal. Creativity is finding outside-the-box solutions to get us closer to where we want to be. Need help getting outside-the-box?

Join others on their journey to discover, uncover, and recover every good and perfect gift.

All creatives need mentorship and community to thrive. Without it, we can stall out, lose our way, forget why we started, and battle discouragement and cynicism. In the worst case, dreams become hijacked, or we self-destruct.  We work with you, in community, to discover, uncover, and recover your dream, passion, or assignment!

BEING CREATIVE MEANS getting outside-the-box

Let us help you dream, design, plan and play outside-the-box!

From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you. They are created now, and not long ago; you have not heard of them before today.

Isaiah 48:6-8

Kris Rosentrater

Founder, CEO
"One day in your presence is better than 1000 anywhere else." This is Kris Rosentrater's defining verse, and he can't stop wondering what is possible for individuals, organizations, and movements who make it their intent.

Drawing on his experiences as a drummer, band member, engineer, producer, and most recently, as entrepreneur/executive at a beautiful Seattle coffee brand, Kris is destined to find, train, empower, inspire, and mentor individuals to own, design, and drive the cultures they want to live in.
He knows it starts with naming what you worship and where your identity lies.

Kris' chapters in the music industry and corporate culture brought out his unique ability to be a bridge and relate to both left and right brains, dreamers and accountants, musicians and project managers, the "sacred" and the "secular". Kris most often finds himself asking "what if?", thinking, observing and talking about the way human spirits in a material world create, experience and engage culture, and what that means for leaders, movements, brands, and businesses.